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Searching for Beagle Gifts? Welcome to YourBreedStore.com. We carry a unique line of Beagle gifts, products and collectibles, including, jewelry, figurines, Beagle flags, signs and many more Beagle gift items. In the 1500s, most English gentleman had packs of hounds. Larger hounds tracked deer, while smaller ones went after rabbits. These were the first Beagles. The origin of the name "Beagle" may have been derived from the French term "be'geule," referring to the baying voice of the hounds when in pursuit of game, or possibly the diminutive size of the hound. The Beagle is merry, friendly, gentle, playful, and even-tempered. He has a sensitive nature. He can be distant with strangers until they've won him over. He's kind and gentle with children. He's territorial and protective of his family. He has a highly developed nose and will wander off after interesting smells. These gifts are ideal for all Beagle gift lovers around the world.

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Beagle  Angel
Beagle  Bottle Stopper
Beagle (Honor Student) Bumper Sticker
Beagle 8 inch Head Study
Beagle Aluminum Xing Sign
Beagle Autumn Flag
Beagle Bookends
Beagle Bumper Sticker
Beagle Business Card Holder
Beagle Car Mats
Beagle Caution Sign
Beagle Denim Shirt
Beagle Door Topper
Beagle Figurine
Beagle Flag
Beagle Lap Square
Beagle License Plate Frame
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Sale Price: $14.99
Beagle Necktie
Beagle Pin
Beagle Puppy Lap Square
Beagle Puppy Tapestry Pillow
Beagle Special Edition
Beagle Stained Art Glass
Beagle Sun Catcher
Beagle Tapestry Pillow
Beagle Tea Cup
Beagle Tiny One
Beagle Walking Stick
Beagle Watch
Beagle Welcome Sign
Beagle Winter Flag
Beagle X-Mas Ornament
Beagle Xmas Flag
Beagle, My Dog