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Searching for Basenji Gifts? Welcome to YourBreedStore.com. We carry a unique line of Basenji gifts, products and collectibles, including, jewelry, figurines, Basenji flags, signs and many more Basenji gift items. The Basenji is alert, affectionate, energetic and curious. It loves to play and makes a good pet, as long as it is handled regularly from an early age. The first traces of a dog similar to the Basenji are found in Egyptian tombs and wall drawings of five thousand years ago. Also called the Congo Dog, it was first introduced to England in 1937. English breeders refined it and exported it all over the world. The first litter of Basenji puppies born and raised to maturity in the USA was in 1941 and the breed was first recognized by the AKC in 1944. These gifts are ideal for all Basenji gift lovers around the world.

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